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travel :: Wednesday, March 18, 2009
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK :: Our team had an early meeting with a prospect in Copenhagen, after which we headed to scenic Nyhavn to have lunch along the canal. They were rushed to catch a flight back to London, but I had planned to stay in the city for a couple nights to do some sightseeing on my own. It was my first time in beautiful Copenhagen, capital city of my Danish ancestors. If I had only stayed a few hours, I would've regreted it. Especially after traveling nearly half-way around the world to get there.

Nyhavn was my base in Copenhagen. I had a found a charming hotel (Hotel Bethel) overlooking the rows of colorful, old buildings lining both sides of the canal. The room was just a little over $100 a night - quite a bargain for such an amazing location and having my own bathroom. The furnishings were sparse, and the beds were old, but it was very clean and quiet. The staff was friendly, and the free breakfasts were great. Many different meats, cheeses, breads, soft-boiled eggs, coffee, and of course, danishes, to fuel my long walks throughout the city.

Copenhagen is compact and flat. It's a very bike and pedestrian-friendly city. I definitely saw many more bikes on the roads than cars, and there are a few main shopping streets that criss-cross the city that are pedestrian-only.

Despite being small, there is so much to see in Copenhagen. Literally every block has an impressive monument, museum, church or castle, all centuries old. The skyline is full of spires and steeples, soaring above a radial network of medieval, cobblestone streets and canals. Cobblestone streets and canals are scenic, but they're tough on a tourist's feet. The canals just confused me, forcing me to backtrack several times to find a bridge. My legs were sore and I was hobbling by the end of the day, but I didn't mind - the weather was gorgeous and I was exploring the ancient land of Vikings, Hans Christian Andersen, Carlsberg, LEGO, a mad Shakespearean king, and an unbelievably tall and beautiful population.

In addition to Nyhavn, I also spent time exploring the rest of the city, Kastellet, Rosenborg Castle, The Rundetaarn, and Freetown Christiana. Each of these deserve their own entries which I will be posting soon.

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on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 12:51 AM


Great pictures. What a nice few days to be over there. I'll see if I can get us over there again this summer.

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