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Dragonfly Mosaic shim John & Kristie

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projects :: Monday, January 3, 2005
Dragonfly Mosaic
FREMONT, SEATTLE, WA :: Over the holiday break, Kristie crafted a glass mosaic, transforming an ordinary clay pot into a sparkling piece of art. This was her first time working with glass tiles and grout, so it took some practice to master the techniques.

The first few attempts to cut the tiles with a pair of nippers was pretty frightening, as shards of glass exploded and sent slivers flying across the table. Kristie was wearing safety glasses and I was standing-by with a vacuum to catch the stray pieces. She quickly discovered the key to using a nipper is to only "nip" the edge of a glass tile. The nipper is intended to start and direct the direction of a crack that results in a cut. Placing the nipper in the center of the tile only causes it to shatter unpredictably.

After the glass tiles are shaped, it's a fairly easy process of adhering the tiles to the pot with glue and then filling in the cracks with grout. A damp sponge cleans away the excess and smooths it all out. After letting the grout dry overnight, a final buff with a green pad and a couple coats of sealant completes the project. Viola!

I'm now confident that Kristie will be able to tile our entire dream kitchen and bathrooms when we get a new house!

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