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The Lion King shim John & Kristie

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shows :: Friday, December 31, 2004
The Lion King
PARAMOUNT THEATER, SEATTLE, WA :: To celebrate the new year, Kristie forced me to dress up. Apart from that hassle, it was a very enjoyable and memorable night. We started with dinner at The Oceanaire, an ultra-fancy seafood restaurant. We didn't have reservations, but we lucked out by being seated right as we walked in. The maitre d' said the mayor was late and we could have his table. Despite the extravagance of it all, the staff was very candid and friendly, and the food was awesome. As we ate, I tried not to gawk at all the glitz and glamour. It's the kind of place where the bathrooms are fancy enough to eat in, with dark stained wood and stacks of warm, terry cloth hand towels. Of course, there is also a complimentary cologne bar. Swanky!

After dinner and a very yummy dessert, we walked a few blocks over to The Paramount Theater where we watched Broadway's adaptation of "The Lion King." The performances, costumes and set designs were very imaginative and impressive. Anyone who's seen the animated movie will recognize the script and songs, but seeing it come to life in person added a new level of wonder and amazement. In particular, the actors who played Rafiki, Zazu and Scar were fun to watch.

After the show, we had an hour until the New Year. We drove around and found numerous locations from where we could see the Space Needle for the fireworks, but we decided to park at the Pink Elephant Carwash. It's at the intersection of Denny and Aurora, so we would have a straight shot home without having to deal with the traffic. We pointed the truck towards the Needle. Despite the rain, a small crowd had gathered around us to celebrate. We enjoyed the show from the passenger seats. It was our drive-in movie version of New Year's Eve!

Happy 2005!

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