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projects :: Wednesday, December 1, 2004
Bamboo Fountain
FREMONT, SEATTLE, WA :: Indoor fountains are certainly popular these days. The sound of falling water trickling over a bed of rocks is very pleasing. Unfortunately, most of the fountains sold in stores are gaudy and/or very expensive. I thought it would be relatively easy and much cheaper to create my own.

Essentially, a fountain is a vessel of some type containing a water pump, some rocks, and a spout. I knew I wanted something natural looking, so I planned on acquiring some bamboo to carve into a spout. In Seattle, there is an excellent store called Bamboo Hardwoods. I made a quick trip there and found bamboo fountain heads already carved and assembled! They even had the pumps, river rocks, and an assortment of ceramic pots to choose from. I was set!

This was a very simple and satisfying little project. The total cost for all of the materials was about $35. So I created six of them! One for Kristie and I, several more as Christmas gifts, and one I even sold on eBay for a slight profit.

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